Machining Services

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited pride itself as a machining specialist. For years now, Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited has earned the reputation of providing our customers with consummate quality machining projects completed on schedule and under budget. So, whether your project is a small shop job or a large turnkey shop and field jobs, we invite you to join our list of satisfied clientele.
Our machining services include;
  1. Drilling
  2. Milling
  3. Grinding
  4. Slotting and Turning.
As a machining specialist Our Company has a well stock workshop with Lathe machine, drilling machine, slotting machine, milling machine, and grinding machine for efficient and prompt jobs execution.


GEO-LIND NIG LTD knows that Drilling is easily the most common machining process. One estimate is that 75% of all metal-cutting material removed comes from drilling operations. This is the ability to drill holes in materials using drills as cutting tool. We drill any size of holes on metal materials using drilling machine.


Milling is as fundamental as drilling among machining process and it so versatile. It is the process of cutting away material from a work piece by feeding it past a rotating multiple tooth cutter. The cutting action of the many teeth around the milling cutter provides a fast method of machining. The machined surface may be flat, angular, or curved. The surface may also be milled to any combination of shapes. We in Geo-Lind NIGERIA LIMITED can handle all types of milling process.
We have a milling machine to enable us carryout this service.


Grinding is a finishing process used to improve surface finish, abrade hard materials, and tighten the tolerance on flat and cylindrical surfaces by removing a small amount of material. In grinding, an abrasive material rubs against the metal part and removes tiny pieces of material.


This is the machining operation that is done using a lathe machine, it the machining of the external surface of a work piece to give a tight tolerance. It is mostly use to produce cylindrical parts.


This is the cutting of thread on a material especially cylindrical object. We use the lathe machine to cut any size of thread to international standard.


This is the process of fitting in a cylindrical object to into another. This is done using a slotting machine where tight fitting is required. In Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited we can give you the best slotting services you need.

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