Equipments Supply & Leasing

equipment supply Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited, sales, supply and lease of all brands of Mechanical and Electrical materials/Equipments. Hence, we provide equipment supply and leasing to the oil and gas industry. Our line of equipments includes:

  • Supply of different sizes of pipes and hose for construction, fabrication, plants, and heavy duty equipments.
  • Generator Leasing
  • Electrical Motor supply
  • Electrical equipments
  • Equipments and tools for sandblasting etc.
  • Generator supply 800kVA & amp; 1000kVA PERKINS Genets
The Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited ensures that all her electrical materials for rural and urban electrification, industrial equipments and installation are purchased from a major electrical license distributor or agent. This is done in order to maintain a high level of standardization which complies with the international standard for any materials we procure. We offer our clients all equipments with back-up maintenance services that ensure most advantageous utilization.

What We do