Cashes Policy

GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED in all powers to the company health, safety/security and environment policy holds the managing director responsible for its overall implementations.

In principle the management of GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED agrees that all accidents are preventable and every effort is made and plan towards zero targets; hence accepts collective responsibility for taking all practical steps reasonably possible in order to protect the health, safety, and environment of its employees and others that may be involved in the cause of its operations.

In furtherance of their responsibility to administer the HSE – CASHES Policy, the board has laid down organizational design to secure the maintenance of safe working places, facilities, systems of work whilst encouraging appropriate training supervision and instructions of employees in relations to health, safety, environment and security at work.

However, the achievement of the objectives is the responsibility of the management and employees alike.

It is part of our policy in GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED to keep employees informed of the required safety conscience in all we do. We all know how unwanted accidents are; they cause death, pains, and suffering, loss of trade etc. they waste labour, money and time. They damage plants equipment, disorganize arrangements and generally reduce productivity. The total loss due to accidents is enormous; therefore the prevention in the light of this, GEO-LIND NIG. LTD. has a comprehensive safety manual which actually serves as reference to the company’s HSE and welfare procedures and guideline.

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