HSE Policy

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited is involved in Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation services, Welding, Fabrication, Machining and Mechanical Engineering works. It is the policy of our company to conduct its business activities in such a way that the safeties of its employees are safe guarded and that damages to property environment are minimized. In view of this, GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED recognizes that some of its activities are services that might present situations that could involve risk of injury to its employees, clients, etc.

In principle the management of GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED agrees that all accidents are preventable and every effort is made and plan towards zero targets; hence accepts collective responsibility for taking all practical steps reasonably possible in order to protect the health, safety, and environment of its employees and others that may be involved in the cause of its operations.

Our corporation accepts responsibility for ensuring that equipments, implements / tools and vehicles used are in their best condition thus guaranteeing them safe use.

Further, GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED is subject to relevant Federal, State and Local Government laws, regulation, requirements and with special regards to lock-out tag-out procedures. To implement this policy, our company has structured a lay down rules for its employees. In addition, we provide work equipments that are in good working condition. We maintain strict disciplinary measures and never compromise with our HSE policy inside and outside our vicinity of works.

Our management is aware that potential risk areas are both at home, leisure and work places. Consequently, the provision of welfare amenities and healthy place of work is top on its priority.

This policy is set out for every employee of GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED to comply with its directives by being personally fascinated in his personal safety. Employees are expected therefore to report unsafe conditions and acts for prompt correction. It is mandatory for all employees to wear protective equipments provided for their use.

To give a full backing of this policy, the HSE team of Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited will endeavour to do the following:

  • Ensure every construction staff has in place safety materials before he/she is allow to enter the work environment.
  • Ensure that any staff working in the electrical field are provided with appropriate and genuine protective materials for safety purpose and must ensure that such staff is in compliance with the safety rules before he/she is allow to embark in any electrical works.
  • Ensure every machinist, welders and fabricator has in place safety materials before he/she is allow to enter the work environment.
  • It is also our duty to ensure that any staffs that have to work or is delegated to render services in marine environment are capable of swimming to the standard of personal survival and their floatation devices while at work.
  • Every staff will be physically examined and confirmed medically fit by the company and government recognized practitioner.
  • Provide staff and others associated in our sites with information on any potential hazards.
  • To ensure that staff are exposed to safety courses/training organized by reputable organizations and our clients.
  • Endeavour to select and maintain high and cost effective standard for projects, operations and contractors.
  • To report accidents quickly when they occur and carry out prompt investigation of same.
  • Provide safe working environment and maintain same.
  • Provide adequate personal protective equipments and enforce usage of same.

In the same vein, Geo-Lind Nig Ltd. Board holds the management responsible in respect of:

  • Striving always to make GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED to be been seen as an environmental responsible body.
  • Establishing and developing machinery for effective joint consultation on health, safety and environment, including the provision to the employees of relevant information.
  • Ensuring compliance to workmen compensation decree of 1997 and analogous status.
  • Taking steps to ensure compliance to environmental protection guideline, standards, regulations and all levels of environmental law, regulations, schemes and directives.
  • Give adequate attention to providing training programs, particularly on-the-job training and to substantially improve the supervision of trainees until they are sufficiently experienced.
  • Taking all practicable steps to progressively identify and eliminate or modify such operations, equipment and or working practices that adversely affect or constitute danger to the health and safety of its employees.
  • Production of Bushing / Washers


To monitor the execution of this policy, GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED board requires the HSE officer to report directly to the Managing Director. This particular policy and of course relevant ones will be reviewed from time to time in the light of changing circumstances.

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