Community Relations Policy

For enhancement of harmonious relationship between the company and host communities with the aim to ultimately reduce operating costs, and shut-down culminating from unhealthy company-community relationships, Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited shall engage 60% of the non-skilled work force from the local/host communities.

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited shall engage a community liaison officer from the host community who shall liaise between the community and the company on matters such as employment of indigenous and community development projects.

The implementation of the community relationship plan shall be the responsibility of the Community/Corporate Affairs Department.

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited has it as a policy and function to manage community affairs as an integral part of the company’s business with a view to maintaining good relationship between the company and her host community.

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited shall therefore cooperate and develop interface with the client and third parties to avoid unnecessary delays, shut down and of course unwarranted loss of man-hours.

Prior to mobilization to any locality, Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited shall pay a visit to the community Chiefs and Leaders.

Any community disturbance or threat shall be reported to the client without delay.

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