About Us

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited is a indigenous oil and gas engineering company, formally incorporated on the 16th of March 2001. The company carries out unmatched services among its competitors in areas such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and licensed labour Recruiters ...
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Technical Support

From the range of services offered by GEO-LIND, there are foreign engineering back – up for execution, Quality...
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What We do


Rewinding of Electric Motors

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited is the best and a competent rewinding company base in Port Harcourt in the South South Region...
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Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited is a specialist in the repair, Servicing and maintenance of all kinds of generators including faulty generators in...
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Industrial Wiring

This area of our services involves the origination of power supply to companies, factories and large residential estates. Geo-Lind Nig Ltd ...
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Urban Electrification

The Company engages in the electrification of rural / urban areas, which directly involves the erection of 11/33KVA high voltage network. This...
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Rewinding & Servicing of Transformers

Our experienced engineers are specialists in the installation, commissioning, de-commissioning...
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Equipments Supply & Leasing

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited, sales, supply and lease of all brands of Mechanical and Electrical materials/Equipments...
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Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Geo-Lind’s involvement in INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL ENGINEERING covers installation...
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Mechanical Engineering Services

In the field of mechanical engineering, we offer repairs of machinery and equipments, machining, welding, fabrication...
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Machining Services

Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited pride itself as a machining specialist. For years now, Geo-Lind Nigeria Limited has earned the reputation of providing our ...
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Welding & Fabrication Services

GEO-LIND NIGERIA LIMITED is a company well known for her efficient services to her clients. Since inception...
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Our Projects:

Past & Present

Get insight about some of our commendable projects in the Past and ongoing.
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